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Get started with an in-person coffee fundraiser, set up your group to receive charitable donations on our website, or both options!

More information on online donation fundraising:

Our online fundraising option is now donation based. Customers will be able to donate to your group by purchasing any product on our website. At checkout, there is an option to donate their desired amount to your fundraiser group. For each donation, Landgrove Coffee will also donate an additional 15% of the total purchase to the same group!

We will provide you with a hyperlink that you can pass on to your supporters that directs them to our website and preselects your group as the beneficiary of their donation.

The donations earned will be credited directly to your group every month.

Online fundraising orders will be fulfilled as they are placed instead of at the end of the fundraiser timeline.

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with an in-person fundraiser:

Fast Fulfillment

Customized Labels

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More Information on in-person fundraisers:

Our program allows your group to generate up to a 50% profit margin for each bag of coffee sold!

Over the years, we have partnered with sports teams, PTA/PTO groups, church youth groups, school clubs, FFA chapters, local organizations, and many more.

We offer 16oz (1 pound) bags while most other coffee fundraisers offer 10-12oz sizes.

Choose between Conventional and Fair Trade Organic coffees, and up to 3 roast options (Medium Roast, Dark Roast, and Decaf). Each roast can be whole bean or ground medium.

Our in-person ordering option allows your group to gather sales from supporters and personally distribute them at the end of the fundraiser. Cash or check are the preferred payment options.

We can provide an ordering sheet to keep track of orders for in-person sales.

We create a custom label using the logo of your group, like the examples above.

We recommend running the fundraiser for 2-3 weeks. Advertising and promoting your fundraiser is up to your group. Social media is a great way to do this or by handing out flyers.

At the end of the fundraiser, we will collect the orders, roast and package, and distribute the orders. This process typically takes less than 1 week. We will ship or deliver all in-person orders to you and your group will hand out the orders to your supporters.

At the end of the sale, we will provide a full accounting of your sales and profits. We will invoice your group for our portion of the fundraiser earned as your group will be collecting the funds.

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From our customers


As a parent of five, small business owner, and school board member I am constantly asked to participate in fundraising. Selling Landgrove Coffee is a great way to make extra money for school activities! Super easy and great coffee.

Club ZZU Volleyball

Ryan Beckner

Moscow, Idaho

Landgrove Coffee is a fundraiser’s dream! Their superior product is matched only by their extraordinary staff. The team at Landgrove is generous, responsive, and remarkably supportive. We raise money for educational student travel abroad, and thanks to Landgrove, Latah-area youth are discovering the world and themselves in it. Global Xpeditions

Daniel Haley

Moscow, Idaho