yepocapa, guatemala

We are very excited to have a Direct Trade relationship with the coffee farmers of Yepocapa, Guatemala. This is our third year working with the 120-plus members of the San Padrana Cooperative. After an amazing visit in 2018 and realizing what an enormous positive impact our purchases mean to the farmers of Yepocapa and the entire community, we committed to buying 45,000 pounds of green coffee from the 2019-2020 crop and are committed to future harvests. These farmers work extremely hard for 6 days per week all year long and earn less than $4.00 per day. By paying an additional $1.37 per pound (that we sell) to what they would receive from their current exporter, we are all making an enormous impact on the lives of our farmers and the community of Yepocapa.

During our trips there, we have walked the land with several farmers and discussed many issues important to all of us. They expressed many times how our relationship gives them hope for the future. With the opportunity to make a better living, they hope their children will be attracted to coffee farming and continue in their footsteps. We tried to impress upon them how much we appreciated their efforts and how we will continue to pay them fairly for their fabulous coffee. It was a moving experience for everyone.

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